3 Ways to Avoid Red Day Odor


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3 Ways to Avoid Red Day Odor

Here’s a fact: the vagina is supposed to smell—most especially on your red days when your regular discharges are mixed with blood in the vagina.

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While there's no need to be alarmed about red day odor, understanding what is normal and what is not can help in keeping serious red day concerns at bay.

If your vagina gives off a strong, fishy smell, you could be suffering from an infection— this means bad bacteria, or yeast, outnumber the good in the vagina. Any scent that is persistent, intolerable or bothers you enough can signal to something more serious.

Be on top of what happens in your vagina at the time when it is most vulnerable, here are ways to ensure that red day odor is never a problem:

Always prepare your on-the-go red day kit.

It is always important to have extra sanitary pads or tampons, feminine wipes and tissue. This way, you ensure that you can be prepared or change when needed, so you’re a step ahead in preventing red day odors and possible infection.

Change your sanitary pads often.

The standard time to change a sanitary pad is once every six hours, while for a tampon is once every two hours. Remember that you are discharging old blood and along with it are certain types of bacteria. Keeping bacteria in a warm moist place like your external genitalia can cause the bacteria to multiply. 

Wash the vagina regularly.

When you menstruate, the blood tends to go to tiny spaces like the skin between your labia or crust around the opening of the vagina. You should always wash the excess blood away, especially before changing into a new pad or tampon. It is also important to choose the right feminine wash on your red days, like GynePro - with its powerful antiseptic action that kills odor and infection causing bacteria 2x better than other antiseptic feminine washes.

If you cannot wash yourself before you change make sure to wipe off the areas using feminine wipes or tissue.

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