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Real Women Reveal How They Deal With PMS Like The Bosses That They Are

Craving something? Feeling inexplicably tired? Getting mood swings? Check your calendar it could be PMS.

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Craving something? Feeling inexplicably tired? Getting mood swings? Check your calendar—it could be PMS.

An often misunderstood condition experienced by over 90% of menstruating women, PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a blanket term referring to a combination of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms such as excessive food cravings, irritability, and fatigue—among many others—that usually show up about a week or two before one’s period. The intensity of the symptoms highly varies every cycle and can range between bearable and severe.

While PMS is very common, no two women experience it the same way, and it can easily disrupt their activities as well as affect their general well-being. Fortunately, if you are having trouble with PMS, there are several practices you can adopt in your lifestyle to relieve the condition.

We asked 5 women to share their fail-safe tips to ease PMS. Here’s what they have to say:

“I read somewhere that yoga is actually a good way to reduce the pains of PMS and dysmenorrhea. So even before my time of the month, I do yoga and practice breathing exercises. They really help!” -Alana, 27

“Exercising made a big difference in my life. Gone were the days when I would go down in agony because of period cramps, and so are the days when my head would be a mess of emotions. Exercise became my outlet to release any bottled up feelings. It made me stronger, more relaxed. Generally speaking, exercising made me happier—with PMS or not.” -Joan, 25

“My former P.E. teacher told us that lifting your pelvis works if you’re experiencing PMS pains, and for me, it does! Simply lie flat on your back, then slowly lift your pelvis and hold the position for a while.” -Mae, 23

“I have a heatable electronic pillow, which I use especially when my cramps get so intense. But if I couldn’t take it anymore, I take pain relievers—I always have some ready in my medicine pouch.” -Aikea, 25

“I usually feel more tired than usual and I get moody before getting my period. My skin breakouts become more obvious, too. So I’d see to it that I get enough rest and regularly wash my face to lessen the accumulation of dirt on my face. As for food cravings, I try my best to refrain from giving in to my cravings because doing so makes me feel bloated.” -Elinor, 21

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