5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Red Days


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5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Red Days

Believe it or not, a lot of women find tracking their red days both a chore and a bore or just totally unnecessary.

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Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it.
Believe it or not, a lot of women find tracking their red days both a chore and a bore or just totally unnecessary. Besides, it will come one way or the other.
But what if it doesn’t? Next thing you know, you’re at the OB-GYNE’s office, wracking your brains, trying to answer a question as simple as “When was your last period?” 
Familiar? Then what we’re about to tell you might help make keeping a close watch on your cycle a new habit of yours. After all, tracking your periods is actually beneficial in more ways than one! And now that mobile apps have been developed to help you understand your cycle better, recording your red days has never been easier.
Read up as we list down five reasons why you should keep tabs on your cycle:

It promotes self-awareness

No two women are the same, so tracking your menstrual cycle will help you understand what is normal for your own body. Knowing the typical duration of your red days and the length of your entire cycle will help you recognize and take charge of various aspects of your health, including your moods, energy levels, and sex drive—among many others. 

It busts surprises—in a good way 

Ever planned a much-awaited beach getaway only to get your period on the day of your trip? A bummer, yes. We all know how periods could come unannounced—be it on a holiday or an event you’ve been looking forward to. But you can actually minimize the element of surprise it brings if you track your periods regularly. Being aware of how your cycle goes will give you better control when it comes to scheduling your activities and planning for the inevitable—say, you’ve got an important presentation at work or a do-or-die competition set around the time you’re expecting your red days to come. When you know your red days are coming, you’ll be able to stock up on your napkins and your feminine wash for red days. 

You’ll have an accessible personal medical record 

Religiously taking down the patterns of your menstrual cycle gives you a personal medical record that will serve as a reference when you notice anything out of the ordinary. Your OB-GYNE will also find your tracker helpful in finding out what is going on with your body, since every little detail you notice will give them enough information and insight to detect any potential issues early on. So always take note of the frequency and length of your red days, sudden bleedings, unusual odors, differences in the color of your discharges, and even the changes you spot in your body. 

You’ll know your fertile days 

Whether you’re trying to conceive or not, it’s good to know when you are ovulating, which usually occurs 12 to 14 days before your next period starts. During your fertile window, your odds of getting pregnant are higher, so you’ll either want to get into the action stat (!) or be extra careful with your partner.

It pushes you to pick up healthier practices 

Once you’re more aware of your menstrual cycle and how its patterns affect your mind and body, you’ll be compelled to adopt a healthier lifestyle—from acquiring a new fitness routine to maintaining a suitable diet for yourself—so you can feel good and look good at any time of your cycle. 
Knowing when your red days are coming means you won’t get caught off guard. Upgrade your red day routine for that much needed extra protection. Protect yourself from odor, itch, and irritation with GynePro Ultra Protection feminine wash. It’s clinically tested by OB-GYNEs and proven to be 2X better in killing bacteria vs. other feminine washes. Try GynePro now!

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