Here's Why You Need To Use Feminine Wash During Your Period


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Here's Why You Need To Use Feminine Wash During Your Period

Your intimate area is more vulnerable to bad bacteria during red days.

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Aside from cramps and mood swings, your periods might be even more uncomfortable because of itching, odd smells, and the mess it creates down there. While sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups help manage our flow, something tells us it’s not enough if we want to make sure our intimate area is protected from itch and odor. Here’s why you need to use a feminine wash made for red days:

1. Your genital area might be prone to bacteria.

During your period, the blood discharge makes your genital area more vulnerable to bacteria growth. So, in order to help prevent bacterial irritation, it's advisable to follow proper hygiene like washing your genital area in the morning and the evening.

2. It helps control period odor.

Ever wonder what your period smell could mean? Research says the slight metallic odor is normal because of the iron in your blood. However, the smell shouldn’t be strong and noticeable by others. Unusual period odor could be a sign of an underlying health problem or maybe indicate bad hygiene. To ease the smell, start by using a feminine wash that will help keep period odor in check.

3. It relieves the itch.

Hormonal changes trigger the itch down there, but sensation can also be a reaction to other factors like sensitive skin or a lurking yeast or bacterial irritation. Good news is you can help relieve the itch with proper genital washing. If the itching persists even after your period, then consider consulting your gynecologist.

It’s non-negotiable to practice good hygiene, especially during your period. Protect your intimate area with GynePro Feminine Wash. Recommended by OB-GYNEs, it helps kill odor, itch, and irritation which are often caused by bad bacteria on your red days. Use it twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

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