Here Is Why You Need a Feminine Wash Specially Made For Your Red Days


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Here Is Why You Need a Feminine Wash Specially Made For Your Red Days

The intimate area is a part of our body that is constantly exposed to bacteria — especially on red days.

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With that, it’s necessary for every woman to be aware of her body and know how to keep her feminine area clean by practicing good red day hygiene.

As early as our pre-teen years, most women have been taught the fundamental ways of keeping ourselves clean down there during red days. We are taught how to wear our sanitary pads, how to dispose of them properly, and how to wash our hands before and after using the toilet.

But as the years pass and our bodies change, we learn more about our body’s feminine needs. We grow into new habits that we discover and outgrow those that don’t work for us anymore. We learn that we don’t need to wait for our sanitary pads to be completely full before we actually change it, or that maybe we are a little more prone to dysmenorrhea than our friends. Perhaps we’ve figured out a way around the PMS cravings and we finally realized that being on our red days demand a different feminine care routine compared to the rest of the month and here’s why!

Red days expose us to bacteria

A big factor as to why we need a specialized feminine wash during our red days is because of the bacteria menstruation comes with. Throughout the month our feminine area is exposed to natural bacteria from the vagina, but that increases during red days. Our vagina is naturally made of “good” and “bad” bacteria that keeps its pH level balanced throughout the month. However, during our red days, the vagina cleans itself by discharging excess “bad” bacteria through our menstruation. Aside from this, our flow comes with iron, blood, and other things your female organs need to discharge through your menstruation.

The pH imbalance during our red days not only makes us more prone to irritation, but it also exposes us to more bacteria and for a longer period of time. As our tampons, sanitary pads, or menstrual cups collect our menstruation, we expose our vagina to the excreted bacteria — this is why we need a feminine wash that will give us the extra protection from red day bacteria just like GynePro.

When we’re exposed to red day bacteria for a long period of time, we are risking ourselves to possible diseases such as pelvic infection and bacterial vaginosis.

Red days make us prone to odor, itch, and irritation

The bacteria our menstruation comes with not only exposes us to possible infections, but it also increases the chances of unpleasant byproducts of menstruation such as odor, itch and irritation. This may come in rashes, reddening of the vulva, and an unpleasant smell. Free yourself from the stress and keep your feminine area protected throughout your red days.

Good red day hygiene boosts your productivity

Nobody is immune to the hormonal changes our red days come with. No matter who you are and what you do, we all go through the waves of discomfort. That, plus nobody likes that itchy feeling you get or that awkward feeling you get worrying about whether your friends can a whiff of your red day odor. With all these already going on, it can be challenging to stay confident and productive. But with the right red day hygiene routine, nothing can stop you. You’ll get the extra protection you need to conquer red days, like you conquer any other day.

Keep your red day hygiene in check to make sure that you are protected on your red days. Here are some best practices:

1. Use a red day feminine wash

Having a red day feminine wash that specifically understands your needs is one of the most important things on this list. GynePro is a feminine wash that’s specifically formulated with Chlorhexidine digluconate to conquer red day threats. It’s known to kill bacteria twice as effectively vs. daily feminine wash brands — and that’s exactly what you need.

It’s clinically-tested and proven by OB-GYNEs. All you have to do is wash your intimate area twice a day on your red days!

2. Front to back

When you wipe or clean your feminine area, be sure to go from front to back — always! The last thing you’d want is to expose your feminine area to more bacteria from your rear.

3. Take an extra shower

Taking a shower may sound like a no-brainer, but for red days, it’s best to double your cycle. Being exposed to more germs means you’ll need all the protection you can get. So, aside from a trusted red day feminine wash like GynePro, disinfect your whole body by showering with an antibacterial soap.

4. 6-hour-rule

Whether you use a tampon, a sanitary pad, or a menstrual cup, see to it that you dump out the discharge every 6 hours — max! Regardless if they say that these products can last up to 12 hours, change them anyway. The product may be able to survive the 12 hours but your feminine area’s bacterial exposure may not. Rid yourself of that unnecessary risk and always keep an extra pad nearby.

5. Keep it breathable

Pro tip: use cotton underwear on your red days. Aside from being so comfortable, wearing cotton underwear allows your intimate area to breathe and stops moisture from building up down there. Wearing cotton breathable underwear makes it easier for you to move and for your vulva to be away from additional irritation.

These are just 5important red day hygiene tips to keep in mind, but remember that everybody calls for a different treatment. Create a red day routine specifically for your red day needs. Maybe you’re the type who needs to exercise, or maybe there are certain kinds of food you should or shouldn’t be eating. Maybe you’re prone to dysmenorrhea and need pain killers on hand. Whatever it is, it pays to prepare your personalized red day survival kit and make sure you include a bottle of GynePro Ultra Protection feminine wash to give you the extra protection you need on your red days!

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