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Period Positivity: How You Can Spark Much-Needed Change!

Learn these tips on how to empower yourself and other women during red days - normalize period conversations and be more #PeriodPositive today.

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For a monthly event that’s so frequent and common among women, why is the conversation surrounding periods not as normalized or is even considered taboo? Discussions involving periods tend to feel very uncomfortable, even around women you know.

Opening up about painful cramps, heavy blood flow, and other forms of discomfort during periods can be nerve-wracking, especially around strangers. Some women either dislike talking to people they barely know about something so personal or feel wary of sharing due to past traumatic experiences.

In the same vein, some women fear that discussing their cramps and heavy blood flow can uncover a serious health issue they may not be ready for either financially or emotionally.

There’s also the fear of being judged or even discriminated against by people who do not menstruate or are unaware about it as a whole. A lot of women deal with insults disguised as “jokes” regarding a woman’s ability to work or emotional state. Cannot accomplish a simple task and “overcome” the pain? Too emotional? Her coworkers will probably say she is “acting up” because of her hormones. 

Safe to say, a lot of women feel intense pressure and anxiety to stay on top of their daily routines even when they are dealing with discomfort during their periods. But who says this cycle has to continue? It is about time we normalize conversations about periods and raise awareness surrounding menstrual health.

Learn more about what period positivity entails and how it can help menstruating women conquer red days without missing a beat.

What Is Period Positivity?

There is actually no dictionary definition for this term just yet. However, feminine health-centered organizations like The Guiding Star Project note that period positivity focuses on “normalizing periods, menstrual health and rights by removing the stigma …. around menstruation.” 

Period positivity also aims to provide sufficient information about menstrual health and other aspects of feminine hygiene, encourage women to take care of their health better, and foster confidence, acceptance, and awareness among women.

Promoting period positivity doesn't just affect women though, but even society as a whole. Period positivity can help raise awareness and educate other people about the menstrual cycle and how they can be supportive of women who may be having a hard time during their periods. 

5 Tips That’ll Help You (and Others) Promote Period Positivity 

Promoting period positivity starts by acknowledging the fact that menstruation is a normal part of a woman’s life and steering the conversation surrounding it to the forefront. Here are some of the ways you can advocate for period positivity whether at home or at the workplace:

  1. Talk about periods openly - sans code names: Be more straightforward and use terms like “menstruation,” “periods,” or “red days.” Try to avoid using code names for periods when talking about it. 

    Menstruation is something that women go through at some point in their lives, so why bother sugarcoating it? Calling periods as it is helps reinforce the notion that it is not a taboo topic, but a normal part of a woman’s life. It can take some time to get used to for some people, but this shift may be important in destigmatizing periods altogether.
  2. Call out discrimination if it happens: This can definitely be easier said than done if you are either non-confrontational or introverted and/or dealing with hard-headed people with preconceived notions about menstruation. 

    However, it’s vital that people are calmly called out for discriminatory actions so they can learn from them and prevent other women from being hurt in the process. 
  3. Talk to an OB-GYN if you have questions: If you wish to gain additional knowledge about menstrual hygiene and feminine health, talk to the experts! As medical professionals, they can help you if you have concerns or questions on how to manage periods better. 

    Moreover, if you are dealing with very intense pain during red days, these medical professionals may help you know why you are dealing with symptoms and check if you have underlying medical issues if ever.

    Overall, consulting an OB-GYN will not just make women more knowledgeable and possibly less anxious about what happens to their bodies during a menstrual cycle, but help them feel more empowered and well-informed to make decisions for themselves. 
  4. Make room for discussions on menstrual health incentives or rules: Not all women experience periods the same way as each other. Some experience intense pain, rendering them unable to work and perform their duties.

    Now may be the time to consider menstrual health-related policies in workplaces. Examples include implementation of menstrual health leaves or breaks or remote work arrangements. These policies may hopefully help women to get the rest and recovery they need if they are dealing with a lot of pain. 

    If possible, have an objective and open-minded discussion with supervisors, managers, and/or fellow employees about the pros and cons of these proposed menstrual health policies. Who knows, application of these policies promoting period positivity may be beneficial for employees, clients, and stakeholders, and even boost company productivity and morale.  
  5. Get involved with organizations:  Take this advocacy a step further by working with individuals and organizations with the same goal of promoting period positivity. After all, teamwork can make the dream work. Try to search for organizations in your area that help provide education regarding menstrual health to women.

    You can also consider donating in-kind to charitable organizations, especially those who take care of under-privileged women. However, this action can be tricky since not a lot of organizations have a complete list of items they are accepting for donations. It may be wise to send them a message or an e-mail and ask whether they are accepting feminine hygiene products or not.

    Moreover, consider donating sanitary napkins or feminine hygiene products if there are relief efforts should natural disasters like storms, typhoons, or earthquakes affect the country. Unfortunately, not a lot of people prioritize donating these products, and the lack of feminine hygiene products can affect the health of women staying in evacuation centers.

    You may not know the impacts of these donations at first, but these actions can go a long way in helping women struggling with their periods and wanting to be a better version of themselves. 

On Red Days, Count on This Reliable Feminine Wash

Now that you’re aware of what period positivity entails, it’s time to make the change and be more open about your red days! Start by taking good care of yourself during red days and practicing ideal feminine hygiene habits. While you’re menstruating, make sure your feminine area receives the superior protection it needs and deserves. 

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