We Asked a Gynecologist to React to Filipinas’ Red Day Hacks


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We Asked a Gynecologist to React to Filipinas’ Red Day Hacks

Some of these will help ease the symptoms of PMS.

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Periods can be the most challenging three to five days of every woman's month—and we’re not just talking about the hassle of worrying about stains on our clothes and linens! The cramps and migraines that come with PMS are enough to push any woman to come up with all sorts of hacks and tricks that would offer the smallest bit of escape from red day woes.

But while the internet is full of dos and don'ts for our monthly flow, not all of these tips actually work. This is why we went ahead and asked a licensed OB-GYN to shed light on some of the red day tips Filipinas (including some members of the Preview Clique!) swear by. Here’s how that went in case you’re also guilty of doing the same thing:

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